Public Representatives

DVP Vacancies - Public Representatives

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The Role

The Derwent Valley Partnership Board is made up of 21 members which includes 7 public representatives, 7 elected representatives and 7 partner representatives. The Board is responsible for making decisions relating to the Partnership and is responsible for allocating the Area Action Partnership Budget. The Board meet a minimum of six times per year and aim to act on the ideas, issues and priorities voted for by local residents.

  1. The Role of a Public Representative

       Public representatives should:

  • be committed to improving their local area
  • be willing to give some time to AAP issues
  • have knowledge of local community issues
  • be committed to the values of equality and diversity
  • be able to communicate effectively
  1. The Requirements of the Role

       To carry out their role, public representatives need to:

  • Public representatives are valuable to the AAP, bringing their individual experience and knowledge of local communities, the issues that matter to their community, and their skills in community involvement and participation.
  • Public representatives need to be able to commit some time to the AAP including regular attendance at Board meetings. There are a minimum of 6 Board meetings a year, up to potentially 10 meetings per year in some AAPs. We appreciate that you may not be able to make every Board meeting but if you were to miss three in a row, the Board may proceed upon the basis that you wish to resign. If this situation occurs, the Coordinator will contact you to discuss the way forward. The Board is able to give dispensation depending on circumstances (e.g. for reasons of ill health or maternity).
  • Whilst not compulsory, you are encouraged to show an interest in any relevant subgroup/Task Groups set up by the Board to help develop solutions to address priorities. These are time limited groups and the meetings usually last approximately 1.5 - 2 hours.
  • You may be expected to represent your AAP and attend other events as a Board member.
  • Carry out your responsibilities in a fair and balanced way in accordance with the Terms of Reference and the Code of Conduct.
  • Public representatives can serve on the AAP Board for a term of up to four years before having to stand down. Public representatives are able to stand for a second term, however in order to involve as many people as possible and keep the AAPs fresh, new applicants will be given priority in the recruitment process.
  1. Support for Public Representatives:

       The post of public representative is voluntary but support from your AAP will be offered including:

  • Reimbursement of out of pocket expenses incurred in attending AAP activities in your role as a public representative.
  • Providing training opportunities relevant to the role as required.
  • Information and guidance as requested.
  • Assisting public representatives to work with each other.