Free School Meals Update

Schools will continue to provide free school meals support to eligible pupils, and this may be as a hot or cold meal in-school (for those children who are from the groups still attending school) or as a meal or food parcel delivered to or collected by a family member. Some schools have arranged to replace a meal with, for instance, a supermarket voucher that can be exchanged for the child’s meal.

Schools will have advised parents of how they plan to provide school meals to eligible pupils, or to arrange an equivalent such as a voucher. If a parent is in any doubt about this, or how they should collect or receive their child’s meal, they should contact the school.  If anyone is asked to collect a meal from school, they should observe all guidance about social distancing.

We are awaiting further guidance from the government about a possible national voucher system, but in the meantime we are confident, despite the challenges of the current situation, that schools are doing everything possible for all eligible children to access the meals to which they are entitled.

The link to the government’s guidance on free school meals is: