Armed Forces Outreach Service


Have you or a close family member ever served in the Armed Forces?

Do you need advice and support on housing, employment or other welfare needs?

The Armed Forces Outreach Service can help you.

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Armed Forces Outreach Service


The Armed Forces Outreach Service embedded within both the Housing Solutions team in Durham County Council and links closely with all of the main housing providers within the County. The Outreach Workers are all former service personnel and can relate with many of the difficulties that Service life can bring, along with the impact it can still have on personnel after they have been discharged and beyond.


Housing – AFOS workers have a good understanding of some of the barriers that people face when trying to secure a home after being in the forces. The AFOS workers are part of the Housing Solutions Team in County Durham Council and will help with completing housing applications and gaining accommodation within your chosen area. We also offer support on a wide range of tenancy issues e.g. tenancy management, if your tenancy is at risk or you are close to being evicted.

Benefits – The Benefit system can be quite confusing and difficult to navigate around, resulting in many people not understanding or applying for the benefits that they are entitled to. The AFOS workers can support you with this process and ensure you are in receipt of the correct benefits.

Employment – AFOS workers can refer you to other services that work specifically at securing employment and training for former service personnel.

Health & Wellbeing – Many people leaving the Armed Forces, as well as those who have been out for many years, can struggle with the transition and feel that they are isolated and alone. AFOS workers have a good understanding of this adjustment period and can support you through this. We also have direct referral routes to the Armed Forces Mental Health services within the NHS for additional support.

Schools – If you are leaving the Armed Forces and need to gain further information and support on schools in the Durham area, AFOS workers can provide assistance and signpost you to the relevant agencies who will ensure you and your children are not disadvantaged in any way.

Financial – It can be difficult to start to budget with a different income coming in, which can create additional difficulties. AFOS workers can support and advise you on low level budgeting and make onward referrals to CAB or other debt counselling services if required.

If you would like to speak with an AFOS worker please contact:

Tel: Housing Solutions on 03000 268000

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.