Keep It Out campaign - stop sales of illegal tobacco!

Fresh is launching its Keep It Out campaign to encourage people in local communities to report sales of illegal tobacco which helps get children hooked on smoking.  Since the campaign was launched last October, more and more people have been reporting illegal tobacco confidentially.

ROGUE shopkeepers who are tempted to sell illegal tobacco are being warned they could face more than a fine but could lose their livelihood.

Crooked store owners who sell smuggled or fake tobacco could not only lose their alcohol licence but face huge tax bills from HMRC and closure orders from local authorities or the police for causing a commercial and a health nuisance.

The campaign will run for 4 weeks from 26 November 2018.

Anyone with information about houses, shops, pubs or individuals selling illegal tobacco can give information online at or by calling the illegal tobacco hotline at 0300 9990000. All information will be treated anonymously.