Consultations / Surveys

Citizens Advice County Durham want to hear your views

If you live in County Durham, then we would like to hear from you. Please can you take a few minutes of your time to complete our Survey - by clicking on the link below and following the instructions.

It should take no more than 5-10 minutes,

By completing this survey you will be helping us to develop and shape our Advice and Support Services going forward so that they continue to best meet the needs of people in County Durham.

NHS survey about using digital technology to contact GPs

The NHS in County Durham, South Tyneside and Sunderland are working together to understand your thoughts of the different ways people can connect with a healthcare professional at their GP practice.  As well as the traditional methods such as face-to-face appointments, GPs, nurses and hospital staff have been using other, safer ways to consult such as telephone, online or video consultations.

The feedback from this survey will be added to the insight being gathered through other involvement work being carried out.  The report will be used to help us to understand people’s views on accessing their GP Practice during Covid, how we can continue to make improvements to services and encourage more people to use digital clinical consultations with their health professional in the future.

You can let us know your thoughts by going to:

Please complete the survey by Friday 3 July 2020.

Road Safety Strategy Consultation

DCC want your views on their new Road Safety Strategy. They’d like to know what you think about their proposed approach to this Strategy as they aim to work in partnership to better safeguard road users.

Please follow this link to learn more about this consultation including how you can give your views.

The consultation ends 10.00pm on Sunday 29 March 2020.

Please pass this email through your networks to anyone who you think would like to take part in this consultation.

As part of this consultation DCC are particularly keen to hear the views of those who identify with the following road user groups:

  • younger drivers (17-24 years old)
  • older drivers (over 55 years old)
  • children (up to 16 years old)
  • people who drive for business/work
  • cyclists
  • motorcyclists
  • pedestrians

In mind of this please pass this consultation on to any relevant groups that you are aware of that may wish to take part and give their views.

Thank you.

Help us create better street space in County Durham

Durham County Council is inviting you to take part in a Street Space County Durham consultation. The consultation runs until 31 July 2020

You can access it through the link above and through the DCC website.

Help us to identify locations in your neighbourhood that you feel need to have additional space provided temporarily to protect public health, by supporting social distancing in public spaces.

We want to encourage people to travel on foot and by bike during the coronavirus restrictions and into recovery. The government has made funding available as part of its emergency response to COVID-19. To enable us to apply for these funding opportunities, we need to know where measures are required. 

Temporary emergency measures using barriers, fencing or bollards could be used to:

  • create pop-up cycle lanes
  • reduce through traffic on certain roads
  • reallocate road space to create wider pavements
  • introducing 20 mph streets
  • adding extra cycle parking
  • remove street 'furniture' like pedestrian guard rails that are no longer required.

The consultation is specifically focused on emergency measures to address social distancing for people on foot and on bikes. Please do not add long-term aspirational projects as these are not relevant for this consultation.

Survey to increase the Police element of Council Tax


Members of the public are being asked to comment on proposals to increase the amount of Council Tax which goes to the police service, known as the precept. 

Funding for policing is made up of two elements: Government grant, and the policing element of Council Tax, which is called the police precept. The unexpected General Election in December, led to a delay in the announcement of the amount of Government grant for policing in 2020/21.  For 2019-20, the precept was £205.24 per household, or £3.95 a week for Band D properties.  It is proposed to increase the precept by £10 per year (less than 20p per week) for Band D properties, with lower increases for the lower Council Tax Bands and higher increases for the others.  This is in line with the expectation from the Government as set out in the 2020 Police Funding Settlement.  

 Acting Police, Crime and Victims’ Commissioner Steve White, who is responsible for the decision, said: “Durham Constabulary is one of the most efficient police force in the country according to HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services. That’s a consequence of the force’s commitment to innovation and making the very best use of the money available. Together we continue to work hard to find further efficiencies, but this gets harder every year as crime continues to rise.”

 “The funding which the Government gives to us for the policing of Co Durham and Darlington has reduced in real terms by 25% since 2010, and as a consequence there are currently around 380 fewer Police Officers in post than ten years ago, and fewer PCSOs and fewer Police staff.”

 “Under the Government ‘uplift programme’ we aim to have 68 additional officers in place by March 2021, and inevitably it will take time for these officers to be trained to the high standards which local people expect. Funding for year 2 and year 3 of the ‘uplift programme’ is still yet to be decided.”

 “The reality is that with a rise in precept of £10 per property per year, Durham Constabulary is still looking to manage a deficit budget in three years time.  Without an increase the deficit will happen sooner and will therefore affect the forces ability to maintain its efficiency and effectiveness.  I am looking forward to hearing people’s views.”

You can comment on the proposed increase by completing the survey on the Durham Police, Crime and Victims’ Commissioners website or directly through to the survey by clicking here or through the links on our social media pages.

The consultation is open until midnight on the 5 February 2020